Friday, January 4, 2013

autism 'devotion': sisters

This month, I am joining a few blogger friends in writing a series of posts called 'Autism Devotion...'

'In everyone's life, there's a need to be happy.
Let the sun shine, a smile your way.
Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion.'


This is the sweet word I hear each day.  Right next to me... from another room... now with her new iPod touch, through the 'magic' of FaceTime.  'Mama...'

The rare moments when she sneaks into our bed in the morning...  when she cuddles close and rubs her cheek close to mine.

The not so rare moments when I pass by her room, and hear her carrying on a conversation - only to open the door to discover the family cat is her partner in crime.

The way her eyes will well up when she is watching an emotional movie or show....

The spontaneous, bone crushing hugs she gives her sisters.  

This is Emma.  

Emma is the second of our three daughters.  

When I watch our three girls play together - yes, play together despite their age difference (Isabella is now 23, Emma is 11, and Fran is 10) - I don't see two neuro-typical girls playing with their ASD sister, I see three equals.  With her sisters, Emma is complete.  

She is silly beyond belief... her laugh contagious.  

She writes stories to them... about them.

She tells them 'secrets'... and listens to theirs.

When they are sick, she's the first to comfort them... to hug them... to tentatively kiss them on the forehead.

Emma is a soulful, artistic and imaginative being.  

She thrives around her sisters, and misses them immensely when they are gone.  Five years ago, Isabella left for college - a part of Emma left with her.  Mercifully, college offers nice long breaks during holidays and summers, so Emma was able to get her sister fix in... but the early days were difficult.  Everyday she asked for Isabella, and 'When is she coming home?'

Emma and Isabella, prior to Isabella leaving for college.

Now that Isabella has graduated, and is working full time - trips home are less frequent.  When Isabella does make it home, Emma's solution is simple:  she now fights her sister for the 'right' to sleep with Isabella at night... something she would never do in the past!

However, as Fran and Emma are getting older, a new obstacle is presenting itself...  the girls are starting to have separate 'interests' - at least Fran is.  When Fran went off to camp for three days this past fall, Emma was lost.  What I had hoped would be three fun days of 'just the two of us', was three days of Emma wandering the house, lost without her sister.  She wrote Fran letters... drew Fran... pictures... brought Fran's bear 'Twizzles' into her room to care for him, so he wouldn't be *lonely*.  She counted the days until her sister returned home.

I had hoped to share with you an image of my three beauties, but as I searched and searched my vast cache of images, I soon came to the realization - I have absolutely no 'studio' type images of my girls.  Instead, I have pictures where one, two, or all three of them are making goofy faces - so.... with no further ado - I give you Fran, Emma and Isabella.  My three girls.  

Title Inspiration:
Earth Wind and Fire:  'Devotion'


  1. I love the pics of them acting goofy--that's perfect. <3 Great post, my friend.

    1. all three of them are pretty much 'hams' for the camera... when we try to take a nice, 'serious' picture though... well - let's just say it NEVER happens! :)

  2. I love these more than any "studio" type image. :) You have some fun, crazy, beautiful girls!

  3. thank you so much mac - i think we will keep them around for awhile! ;)